Introducing the NovelBranch

Introducing the NovelBranch!  Browse, borrow and return library books all in one convenient location.

Middlesex County Library is excited to announce our latest collaboration with the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe: the NovelBranch Library Kiosk.

The NovelBranch Library Kiosk will be unavailable from December 24 - January 2 due to the holiday closure of the Adelaide Metcalfe Township office.

Located in the Adelaide Metcalfe Township Office at 2340 Egremont Drive, the NovelBranch offers residents a library service point within their community.  Users of the NovelBranch will be able to browse, check-out and return books, all at one convenient location.  Beginning Wednesday, October 20th the NovelBranch will be available every week day from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Featuring a collection of 150 Adult, Child and Young Adult books, the NovelBranch can be accessed with your existing Middlesex County Library card.  To open the kiosk, scan your card and enter your PIN. Take your time to browse the collection - then, once you’ve made your selections, simply close the door.  The NovelBranch uses RFID technology to know which books have been removed, and will automatically check them out on your account.  Items borrowed from the NovelBranch can be returned to the drop-box also located within the township office.  You can also return library items that were received by mail, and items checked out at any other Middlesex County Library branch.

Library staff will be onsite at the Adelaide Metcalfe Township Office Wednesday, October 20th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, as well as 10-11 am on Thursdays from October 28 through November 25 (there will be no session on November 11 as the office is closed for Remembrance Day). Members of the community are invited to drop-in during these times to try out the NovelBranch and to register for a library card if needed.  If you’re registering for a library card, please bring a form of ID and proof of address (such as a driver’s license) with you. Please note that capacity limits are in place, and you may be asked to wait outside for a brief period. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Interested in using the NovelBranch, but haven’t used your library card in a while?  Check in with us first!  Middlesex County Library cards do expire, and your PIN is required to use the NovelBranch.  To verify your information, leave us a message at 519-245-8237 or email us at

The NovelBranch collection will be constantly changing, with new items added regularly. Be sure to visit often!

Want to learn more?  Check out our NovelBranch FAQ!